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@soulfishie @sorcererinslytherin since you were interested in the recipe.

Measurements are pretty vague because this has been passed down by my grandma’s family for generations, I’m going to try to give you a good approximation but you might have to experiment and see what works for you!

Ingredients (per person):

a handful of strawberries

4-5 potatoes

Flour (all-purpose is fine, we’ve been using spelt flour recently)

Potato flour (not necessary but it does get a nicer consistency)

Salt (just a pinch or two)

1 egg



Dutch honeybread (a sort of honeyed fluffy gingerbread)

Potato Dumplings:

Wash and hull your strawberries, but keep them whole, no dicing or slicing.

Peel and cook the potatoes until they’re soft. Squeeze the cooked potatoes through some sort of press (we have a special handheld for that. If all else fails, mashing them with a fork will work too. You just want them in soft, little pieces).

Add a pinch of salt and an egg. When cooking for multiple people, we still only use one medium egg for (4) persons but add another pinch of salt. Pour flour on your workstation and over your hands so the potato mess won’t stick. Eyeball how much flour you need - you’ll want to start out with maybe half of what you’ve got in potatoes (mix in your potato flour and your other flour 1:1).

Knead the egg, flour and potatoes until you’ve got a homogenous mass. Add flour if it’s too sticky, but try not to add too much so it won’t just taste like Flour Balls. You’ll want to roll the mass into a baguette or breadstick like form. You’re going to cut it into about inch-thick pieces. Press your to make a small hollow. This is where you put your strawberry in. Roll the potato ball in your hands and make sure the strawberry is completely closed in.

Put the finished dumplings into boiling water. The pot needs to be big enough and have enough water so that the dumplings can all swim next to each other - this is important! They’ll sink to the bottom at first and start swimming halfway through. They need to be able to buoy at least a little, even if it’s beneath the other dumplings, they need to be able to leave the bottom. Rule of thumb is, they need to cook double the time it took them to start swimming.

So, if you time it from the moment they enter the pot to when they come up and swim on the surface, you let them swim for exactly that time again.


I honestly don’t know if gingerbread is a good substitute for Dutch breakfast bread. If you can, try to get that? If you can’t, go for something fluffy, sweet but gingerbread-y.

You’ll want to grate it down into crumbs. Add a tablespoon of sugar or two.

Melt a bit of butter once the dumplings are finished. You don’t need much, maybe a teaspoon of melt per dumpling, depending on how much you want to drench the honeybread.

The crumbs will be strewn over the dumplings, then drizzled with melted butter, just before consumption. It should look like this:

We usually do strawberries in Summer, plums in Fall.

Bon appétit!

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